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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Momma Told Me Blog Giveaway Karma Kiss Elephant Shredder

Momma Told Me is giving away a Karma Kiss Elephant Shredder as seen in the movie twilight!

I have to say this lil gadget looks mighty cute!!

Good Luck to all who enter!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Maybelline BzzAgent Review

So I recieved my BzzAgent BzzKit for the Maybelline Campaign.
I am SO happy to be able to blog about these amazing *new* products!

I recieved a Maybelline Lots of Lashes and Some Baby Lips to try.

The Baby Lips works amazingly.
I have never really been a lipstick kind of girl.
I have always leaned more towards the lip balm and lip gloss.
Maybelline Baby Lips gives me everything I like and want plus all of the benefits!

It is 20 SPF moisturizing lip balm to help you achieve the softest lips ever.
I could feel it work the first time I started using it.
It comes in six different scents and colors:
Quenched, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Grapevine, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss.

I have to tell you that out of all of them I cannot possibly pick a favorite.
After using the first one I had recieved I went out and got a couple more!
The color is just a hint, which is what I love. The scent isn't over powering either.
And the best feature of all is how soft it makes my lips feel.
It doesn't take long to work either, I could feel the benefits as soon as I put it on!

I can proudly say I've found a new favorite lip balm!!
Plus the moisture lasts for up to 8 hours so no need to keep re-applying.
Unless you're like me. I love the smell and feel so I apply as much as I need to.

The next product I recieved to try was Lots of Lashes mascara.
I LOVE this new brush.
I have very long eyelashes so I need an applicator that is going to give me full coverage of my lashes.
I have often found myself struggling to put mascara on, either poking myself in the eye with the applicator or getting it everywhere. Which waterproof mascara doesn't come off easy.
This new brush works great to get every single lash, FULLY covering each lash from top to bottom!

Plus it's still the same mascara that Maybelline has been making for so long that everyone loves!
I love the way it really grabs every single last, defines them well and just makes my eye make-up come together for a great finished look!

I'm really excited about this because I can't tell you how many different brands and types of mascara that I have tried, trying to find the right one for me. And I can honestly  say that I have found it! It really does make a difference in my overall look when my lashes are coated fully versus some being coated and others are missed. I noticed barely any clumping which gave me more definition and a fuller look.

I think one of the greatest things about both of these is that they're avaliable basically anywhere you would normally shop and are also avaliable for a great price!!

I'm so excited to be able to share my opinion about these two great new products! I have to say a big thank you to BzzAgent and Maybelline for giving me these free samples to try and review.

If you want more information go to these websites: