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Friday, June 24, 2011

How I get amazing stuff for free!

Ok so I want to help as many people as I can so that I'm not the only one saving money and getting great stuff for free! Here is a pretty extensive list of how I do all of this!


First I will start with my top free sample sites.
Note: When I say free samples sometimes it means a sample size, travel sized sample or full size sample.

If you want to get free things I have some top websites that I follow at least one to two times a day and have also signed up for their free e-mail so I can conveniently stay on top of their posts. These great websites will give you not only links to free samples but valuable coupons and amazing deals.


Also if you "like" a page of a favorite product on Facebook sometimes they giveaway a free sample or full-sized product. I've received a free swiffer 360 duster, tide stain release and tide sample, downy sample, free bacardi t-shirt and more all from Facebook Fanpage giveaways.

[NOTE: Facebook giveaways go FAST once they're live. So if you want any kind of chance to get a free sample/product from a giveaway you have the be on their page before the time of the giveaway and keep refreshing your browser. Kind of tedious but this will help you. And sometimes their page crashes and a giveaway might be postponed because there are thousands of people trying to access the same page! So just make sure you're on spot with these!]


Another thing I do is sign up for any website that will give me free samples/products or gift cards in trade for earning points. Some sites even offer PayPal cash rewards too. Some of these sites are:

SwagBucks - They give you "SwagBucks" for doing searching the web, taking surveys, taking polls etc. and even offer special codes every so often. Plus every Friday (today!!) is Mega SwagBucks day where you can possibly earn extra SwagBucks for searching. You can trade in your SwagBucks for anything from an Amazon gift cards, PayPal and Swag they have on their webshop.

MyPoints - Earn points for your spending online and redeem your points for prizes.

One website I absolutly love is BzzAgent! This website will give you opportunities to test full sized products in return for "Bzzing" about them! Plus if you have a MyPoints account BzzAgent will occasionally give you MyPoints. [I have received Garnier Products, SC Johnson Spring Cleaning Pack (scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, toilet cleaner, pledge, glade candle, glade plug-in) and CoverGirl Natural Luxe Foundation and Lipstick]

Kraft First Taste - Receive offers from Kraft about amazing new products either coupons or samples.


Another way that I earn free stuff / money is taking online surveys (see my previous post) and join any "insider" program a company offers, this usually leads to valuable coupons in your e-mail and some free samples!


Ok so if you like to take a chance on a giveaway or sweepstakes I recommend these sites:

EZWINGAME - So easy to enter here!

I highly recommend ROBOFORM for any and all of these listed above. Filling out information for free samples and sweepstakes is way too much work for me lol now that I've found ROBOFORM it's a serious time saver!! Click one button and that's all it takes it fills everything out for you!! 

I hope this will help you save money and get some great stuff for free!! This is how I do it and it does sound pretty tedious but once you get the hang of it and find your own system that works for you you'll save a lot of money guarunteed! I LOVE free stuff and saving money!


Please follow my blog! :)

My next post will be about some instant win games you can play!

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