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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introduction, Hello!

I have been entering sweepstakes and giveaways for a while now. I just recently started doing this daily. I haven't won anything huge (yet!) but I have to admit it's my guilty pleasure and I am addicted!

Within the past 6 months I have won a MAM self-sterilizing bottle and just recently a MAM bite and brush for my LO. I love MAMs products. My son left the hospital with his first MAM binki/pacifier and will refuse any other brand of pacifier. Their products are well priced and are high quality. I am very blessed to have won 2 contests from them how awesome. If you have a LO and are curious about MAM, here is their blog.

I have also won an eos hand lotion from their giveaway on facebook. This has to be the best lotion I've ever had. Recommended I'll be buying some in a big pump bottle for sure :) And I won some lipgloss too from a giveaway. So needless to say I am addicted now and I can't help myself.

I have found a lot of amazing websites that post giveaways and bloggers who do some great giveaways too. I'll be linking up with them to make my addiction reach further than just myself. With all these websites I am sure that I'm not the only one. Plus I love freebies and samples too! As well as survey sites. You name it, I'm there! I am all for saving money... and with money being tight (as it is for many of us these days) Saving any way that I can is the best thing ever to me.

Recently I just bought: a jumbo size pack of diapers from, A cute onesie, a baby pool, bath toys and a toy ball for my son all for free pretty much. I had to spend no money out of my pocket. That was the greatest feeling ever to me! I had used my pampers GTG points for diapers and then gift cards I had earned from surveys and paypal cash to purchase the rest. If you have some time to invest in this, you can make it work!

This is just the beginning!


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