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Monday, June 27, 2011

An Update on My Wins

In a previous post I told you about how I had won a coupon for a free package of Huggies diapers via their instant win game (EnjoyTheRideRewards.Com) Well that day when I was playing the game had frozen up on me a few times and I was a little upset to reload the page and figured my points were lost... I was wrong! When I received my TJ Maxx gift card I knew my coupon would be there the next day. Well to my surprise I received a coupon for the Huggies diapers AND a coupon for a free refill of Huggies wipes (180 count)! I must have won when it froze up!

Here's something even better I had points from the free diapers and wipes I was wanting to use. I got online entered my codes, got my points and figured I'd give the instant win a shot since it'd been so good to me. Plus my son loves the animation it plays of the baby and laughs every time the baby laughs, pricelessly cute! Well I won AGAIN more diapers! And any mama knows free diapers are truly a gift, for sure! I really feel blessed to have been so lucky. I am still in awe... Thank You Huggies!!! That's a total of 4 wins in 2 weeks.

I also didn't post here that I won a pair of Puma Sneakerina Shoes from giveaway! They're retailed at $65. I'm SO excited and I can't wait for them to show up!

Look for more posts here. I hope I am helping some of you save and win. After all that is the whole mission of this blog.

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