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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today Was A Good Day!

I started today off by receiving the Free Bacardi T-Shirt I won on Facebook in the mail. I had just thought it got 'lost in the mail' or wasn't coming at all, but it made it's appearance today!! :)

Then I headed over to the Huggies website to have another shot at their instant win game....

(Huggies has a rewards program which codes are included in every package of wipes, diapers or swim pants. You can collect those codes, enter them on the Huggies website and once you have enough turn them in for rewards, sweepstakes entries and their new instant win game! Their instant win game has various prizes you can enter to win like a cars prize activty pack, lil swimmers pants, diapers, wipes, gift cards and more! Each entry will cost you 1 to 2 reward points to play, but can play as much as you'd like.)

I am sure if you have a LO you already know about this rewards program. I figured I would try my luck with the instant win game last night and I actually won a  $15 gift card to TJ MAXX! Awesome! I was so excited! I was trying so hard for the wipes, diapers or the lil swimmers pants but no luck. I figured I'd try again tomorrow (today). Also it mentions in their terms & conditions that certain prizes are put in at certain time slots so it's best to wait too.

I tried again today and ended up winning a Jumbo package (30) of diapers. So awesome. I love winning and especially if it is something for my sweet LO too! So if you are a part of Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards, head over and try your luck at their instant win game! I've won twice in two days so it definitely works!

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